The Tag Rugby Story

UCD RFC launched Tag Rugby over 8 years ago and what started as a small amount of students playing has developed into over 500 students taking part. The extra ordinary growth of students participating in Tag Rugby has been down to the commitment and effort of those organising Tag the last number of years. Recently the running of Tag Rugby has been part of the BSc Sport & Exercise Management degree programme provided by the UCD Centre for Sports Studies. In 2021/22 Tag was again solely organised by UCD Rugby.

Tag has been the fastest growing team-sport in Ireland and this is certainly the case in UCD where we have more than 400 players playing every week. The Club are very proud to be able to provide recreational rugby to the students of the University.

UCD RFC welcomes all students to join UCD Tag Rugby. It’s a great way to have fun, keep fit and make friends all at the same time.
UCD Tag Rugby take place on Monday’s 4pm-7pm (Your team will either have a game at 4 p.m., 5 p.m. or 6 p.m. and must be available to play at any of these times)  on the UCD Rugby synthetic pitch and grass Thornfield pitch.

The 2023/24 first trimester of Tag will kick off September 25th 2023. 


I’ve never played any rugby before. Can I still play?

Of course you can! There is ‘no contact’ in UCD Tag Rugby. It is easy to pick up as well as great fun.

What do I need in order to play Tag Rugby?

To start with, the only truly compulsory accessory required is a pair of approved Tag rugby shorts.
They must be shorts (made by any manufacturer) that bear ‘no’ pockets and sport a velcro patch on each hip for a Tag to be attached upon. UCD Rugby also recommends wearing football boots on the grass pitches.

How many on a Tag Rugby team?

The recommended squad size for a Tag team is 12-14 players. During a game, each team must have no more than seven players on the field of play at any one time. Of the seven players on-field, three must be female.

How much does entering a team cost?

Payments are done on a team basis and total cost is €250. It is the responsibility of each team Captain to organise making the payment in full by the third Tag Night.

When and Where is Tag Rugby on?

Tag Rugby takes place on Monday’s from 4pm-7pm on the UCD Rugby synthetic pitch and one grass Thornfield pitch. Teams will be allocate a KO time prior to each Tag Night.

Please note there is construction work occurring around the Thornfield pitches.

Am I insured playing Tag Rugby?

UCD Rugby recommends that each player undertake their own Personal Accident Insurance cover against any injury sustained from playing Tag Rugby. The insurance provided by UCD RFC covers catastrophic injuries only. 

How do I sign up my team to participate?

Students will have the opportunity to sign up at the UCD Sport Expo.

Where can find the Tag Rugby rules?

UCD Tag Rugby uses the IRFU Tag Rugby laws

Map of Pitches

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