IURU 7s:  Leg 3 at DCU/Coolmine

Coolmine RFC and DCU co-hosted the third and final leg of the newly established IURU Super 7s.

The UCD bus arrived early to Coolmine and in glorious sunshine the anticipation of champagne rugby was clearly starting to build.

Game 1 UCD v NUIM

This game started as most first 7s games do - at a hectic pace. Skipper for the day David “Pocahontas” Pogatchnik provided a calming linking presence in the middle of the park soothing both attack and defence jitters. Having notched up two good scores the play of the first half came from Jack “Goose” Henchy who, with the line at his mercy, threw out his best Quade Cooper only to get snagged inches from the line. Half Time: 10-0 to UCD. To read full report click here

The second half saw the bench emptied and a fresh five faces entered the fray. Ben Murray utterly disappointed with Jacks sidestep game decided to both buck the 7s trend and show Jack how backrows lay it initiating contact at every turn…even with retreating defenders, citing the ref as “the one that got away”?!? David Kelly fresh from a breakout season under Geoff Sheehans tutelage, showed all the guile, determination and subtlety of super G himself. However picking up a knee knock this was to curtail Davids participation in the rest of the games….thankfully he abstained from Geo’s refreshment protocols! Overall the game served as a great reference point on where we had room to improve as an effortful if rusty performance resulted in a 17-10 win to the boys in blue. 

Game 2 provided a much stiffer contest. Playing against DCU the tempo and physicality ramped up we had to react quickly to a new and determined challenge. Our defence was working hard with Lorcan Feighery and Jack O Donnell coming up with the goods to shut down DCU’s direct play. Ball in hand we were now showing some good shape in attack and Jamie Stone was looking to challenge on every touch. With the first half deadlocked a dubious call against the team in possession afforded DCU a counter attack opportunity. To their credit DCU, following some good continuity, finished their unexpected opportunity. This followed up with another score immediately from the kick off 14-0 and we are just at half time. With some fresh legs, our Belgian import Toby “I’m 12” Robinson finding his dancing shoes and a renewed focus on moving the ball early we struck back to bring the score to 14-5. However from the following kick off a missed forward pass allowed DCU to return fire on the scoreboard 19-5. They say in 7s that mistakes will hurt you, two mistakes had now cost us 19 points. With time running out and a sense that we were coming into the game more, a hard charging Charlie Staunton punched multiple holes through a tiring defence resulting in a crucial score. Full time 19-10. 

Game 3 saw us face NUIM again. Lorcan Feighery was in outstanding restart form: regaining possession after four UCD scores. Toby was again twinkling in midfield - this time Kevin Kyne (in his big brothers jersey) and Muiris Rowesome were the grateful recipients of his efforts. Kevin White, not wanting Kev Kyne to be the the only Kev hold up a wing slot, decided that despite being a front row his natural resting place on the pitch should be the open pastures on the edge. Living up to his own hype he produced dummies, steps and offloads that had Matt Wilkie franticly looking for his contact details. Currently PaddyPower has him at evens to play in Hong Kong next year with theother UCD 7s players currently seconded to the national 7s cause. Half time 22-0. With the fresh legged cavalry again coming to the second half rescue we continued to play some expansive rugby. The two Jacks (O’Donnell and Henchy) were now controlling proceeding in attack, following the latest Henchy goosey and subsequent turnover (again inches from the line). Trading score for score in the second half the full time score read 34-10 to Collidge. 

Game 4 was again against DCU and played out like all good sequels do - fireworks, a daring rescue, a major fight scene, multiple fatalities and in the end a triumph of good over evil. A tightly contested first half saw our defence start to squeeze the DCU attack, tackles were starting to stick and the DCU joué tactic was being stifled. Half time came with a bizarre twist, following a DCU knock on and Collidge ready to strike, rather than play advantage the ref decided we all needed a well earned rest. Half time score - no idea, too panicked to take note. With Toby now producing a chorus of “Who’s no.12?” from admiring fans (contrasting with “Will ye RUN STRAIGHT!!” advice from Saz Glynn) we were a nose in front with furlong to go. Up by 5 (??) and in a good scoring position UCD gain a crucial penalty advantage. The ball was then whipped wide to Jack Henchy who, with the line at his mercy and mid way through his latest iteration of goose, is called back for the penalty. Knowing we needed to not just win but add to the points difference the belfield massive attempted their most daring raid yet. In a combo that brought a tear to the eye of all that witnessed it (there were ~100, although 1000’s will claim they were there), Toby flashed the feet, Charlie hit the gas on a hard line and Pocahontas did the necessary - an extra, crucial 7points. Final score: unsure but UCD + 12

In the end, tied on a record of 3 wins and 1 loss it came down to points difference on the day. UCD shaded it by 6 points. The Cup was ours! 

A big thanks to all the players for their time in preparation over that last number of weeks.

Special mention and thanks also to:

Life coach and Spiritual Guru : Geoff Sheehan

Special Weapons and Tactics : Charlie Doel

Kevin Croke

UCD Squads for IURU 7s Series:

UCD 7s : Tournament 1 at NUIM     UCD 7s : Tournament 2 at UCD     UCD 7s : Tournament 3 at DCU  
1 Adrien Toulemonde   1 Adrien Toulemonde   1 Ben Murray
2 Brionn Coffey   2 Charlie Staunton   2 Charlie Staunton
3 Charlie Staunton   3 Jack Henchy   3 David Kelly
4 Jamie Murphy   4 Jack O’Donnell   4 David Pogatchnick
5 Kevin White   5 Jack Ringrose   5 Jack Henchy
6 Tim Wu Murphy   6 Jamie Stone   6 Jack O’Donnell
7 Peter Colis   7 Kevin Kyne   7 Jamie Stone
8 Rob Campbell   8 Kevin White   8 Kevin Kyne
9 Stephen Rooney   9 Lorcan Feighery   9 Kevin White
10     10 Max Vidal   10 Lorcan Feighery
11     11 Muiris Rowsome   11 Muiris Rowsome
12     12 Tim Wu Murphy   12 Toby Robinson

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