PART 2 - THE TRUTH (UCD J2 v Bective Rangers FC)

Part 2 - The Truth

They sometimes say you shouldn’t let the facts get in the way of the truth! The facts are UCD were 26-3 to the good after 4 tries - 2 from some unfit looking chap playing No. 8 for us - 2 superb efforts from James Shanahan (who caught a kick in his 22 and took off like a bullet train) and Brendan Mc Donnell (who finished off an excellent 15 man move). While Bective deserved more for their own efforts it looked like it was not to be their night.

The truth then - first some bad luck - Captain Johnno had to remove himself after 25 minutes after a bang to the head - later we also lost Tim Stafford, James Shanahan & Naoise Cotter Green. Then - some self inflicted stuff - 2 yellow cards in quick succession - just before half time - allowed Bective to give themselves a target (26-8 at the break) - later there followed a straight red. The net result of all of the above was to cede the momentum to Bective - to be fair to them they took that momentum with aplomb. At 26-29 to Bective / the last 20 minutes was still anybody’s. 

Back to the facts - both sides had chances as the respective supporters roared on their heroes. The final whistle left everyone exhausted but one team (Bective) elated with their great comeback and one team despondent (eh - that would be us!) after another one got away on us.

Finally the truth again! The UCD J2s are full of endeavour and intent - they are adventurous in attack and brave in defense (hence iur high injury toll). The future is bright - but to the above capabilities the team will need to add some old fashioned craft & guile (sometimes called game management) - that comes with experience. The J2s can be rightly proud of their collective efforts these last few tough weeks - the team is down but nowhere near out.    There is a Colours match soon coming up to focus the minds - followed by the Catalan Tour. You have not heard the end of this UCD J2 team (or Dunner for that matter!!)

Man of the Match: James Shanahan and definitely not David Dunne

Honourable mentions: Naoise Cotter Green, Daniel Whitaker

Squad: Eric Giannitrapani, Kevin White, John O'Donnell, Daniel Whitaker, Conor O'Higgins, Matt Edwards, Dave O'Brien, David Dunne, Matty Young, Tim Stafford, James Shanahan, Naoise Cotter Green, Tim Wu Murphy, Brendan McDonnell, Rob Shanahan, Kevin Wynne, Tom Hill, Johnny Hill, Cian Harrington, James Bredin

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