Club playing members selected for Irish overseas tours were:

Argentina & Chile 1952 (non-cap tour) :Michael Hillary, Paddy Kavanagh, Ronnie Kavanagh, Boldie O'Neill

South Africa 1961 :Niall Brophy, Ronnie Kavanagh, Bill Mulcahy, Gerry Tormey

Australia 1967 :Barry Bresnihan, John Murray

Insert photo from 1992/93 Club Prog. The group includes Niall Brophy (Blackrock). Dr Jamesey Maher, Eugene O'D Davy, Barry Bresnihan, John Murray and Mick Doyle (Blackrock). 

Argentina 1970 (non-cap tour) :Tom Grace, Henry Murphy, Frank O'Driscoll

New Zealand & Fiji 1976 :John Cantrell

South Africa 1981 :Harry Harbison

Ausrralia 1999 :Ciaran Scally, Brian O'Driscoll

Argentina 2007 :Robert Kearney

Australia & New Zealand 2008 :Robert Kearney, Brian O;Driscoll (Capt)

Australia & New Zealand 2010 :Robert Kearney, Brian O'Driscoll (Capt), Rhys Ruddock

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