THE HISTORY OF THE DUDLEY CUP - the oldest inter-university trophy in Ireland by Sarsfield Hogan, 1985. (Recorded in 1985 Colours programme and 75th Anniversary programme).

THE DUDLEY CUP: A SYNOPSIS by Peter Clarke - 2004/05 Club Programme

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Phase 1. 1903/04 to 1913/14

1914 to 1919 - no competition

Phase 2. 1919/20 to 1930/31

1931 to 1975 - no competition

Phase 3. 1975/76 to date

The Dudley Cup was presented in 1903 by the Earl of Dudley, the then Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, for annual competition between the rugby football teams of the three Queen's Colleges - Belfast, Cork and Galway.The large solid silver cup was supplied by the Dublin silversmiths Weirs of  Grafton St.

The competition was interrupted on a number of occasions and falls into three phases.

1. 1903 - 1914.

Queens won the first competition in 1903/4. The competition was to be played as one semi-final and a final in annual rotation between the three venues. It was discontinued during the first world war having been won 5 times by Queens and Cork and once (1905) by Galway.

2. 1919 - 1931.

Having been promoted to the ranks of the senior clubs UCD was admitted to the competition when it recommenced in 1919 after the war and won at the first attempt. The following season Queens won and Trinity then withdrew from the competition, not competing again until 1975. Queens withdrew after 1924 because they objected to the revival of the annual rotation as they wished it to be played every year at Lansdowne Road as had been done in 1922 1924. After a dispute concerning the Dudley Cup match with Cork in 1929, UCD withdrew leaving only Cork and Galway to contest the 1930/31 Cup. Cork was victorious and the cup was stored for 45 years in the College Bursar's safe until 1975.

3. 1975 -

In 1975 UCC generously agreed to release the Dudley Cup for annual competition again among the clubs affiliated to the Irish Universities Rugby Union (IURU).It was decided to compete on a league basis with the five clubs playing each other once a season and Trinity were the first winners under the new system..


3 x press reports

Winners 1982/83 - photo from Colours Prog 1983

1984/85 presentation - Finbar Costello (IURU) to John Gardiner (Captain UCD)

1985/86 Dudley Cup winning team - 1986 Colours programme or Club Prog 1988/89.

1996/97 Dudley Cup squad photo from 1997/98 Club Prog.

2008/09 Dudley Cup squad from Club Prog 2009/10

2009/10 Dudley Cup Squad from Club Prog 2010/11

The late Judge Conroy was President of the Club in 1953/54, He played for the Club in the 1920's and won a Metropolitan Cup medal with UCD in 1924/25. He was one of the driving forces in the Club from the 1930s to the early 1960s and became Hon Sec of the Leinster Branch (from 1961 to 1972). While with the Branch he was instrumental in the introduction of Under 19 grade rugby. "The Judge" was elected President of the IRFU in 1972/73 but continued to be active in the Club. His son Paddy was active as a player and alicadoo in the Club from the 1950s to the 1970s. and was Hon Sec of the Leinster Branch from 1978 to 1985. Paddy was President of the Club in 1987/88 but died suddenly in his year of office.

In 1988/89 the Conroy Cup was presented by UCDRFC to the Irish University Rugby Union in honour of the two men and to recognise the significant contribution they have made to UCD, Leinster, University and Irish rugby.

2002/03 season - (insert article from 2003/04 Club Prog by Conor Geoghegan)

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