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Extract from minutes of the Executive Meeting Monday 16th, Dec 1974.

....There was a lengthy discussion on the damages incurred by the 2nd XV in White's Hotel, when staying overnight after playing Wexford Wanderers on Sunday 8th Dec. It was eventually decided that the Secretary should pay the amount £48 and that each person who stayed overnight in Wexford should contribute £2. The captain said that he would see that this money was collected. It was noted that "henceforth drink is to be ordered in the name of the club." (apparently an unknown caller had phoned the hotel to advise that the Club president was authorising a drink float).

Meeting 17th Feb 1975.

.... A deadline of 3rd March was set for collection of the contributions.

Meeting 3rd March 1975.

....reported that £11 had been collected and a further £20 was expected.

No further reference to the incident and the matter was closed.

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